• Lucky Lemonade

    Ever have those days when nothing seems to go right? When “turning lemons into lemonade” is particularly difficult to do? Well, turn your day around with the lip puckering flavor of our
    Lucky Lemonade Sweeties ,and you’ll turn your frown upside down, too. Kids just love the flavor of our lip puckering Lucky Lemonade, which comes at an affordable price parents adore.

  • Outrageous Orange

    Go out of this world with Outrageous Orange Sweeties , a powerful punch of orange flavor. It is absolutely outrageous that a beverage can taste as yummy as our Sweeties Outrageous Orange! Kids love the tastiness of our Outrageous Orange, while you will appreciate the affordable price.

  • Persnickety Peach Watermelon

    Picky Petes will find their match with our Persnickety Peach Watermelon Sweeties.
    Your little ones will shout with glee as our Persnickety Peach Watermelon delivers a powerful flavor punch that will make even the fussiest of kids smile.

  • Precious Pink Lemonade

    Treat your prince or princess to the delightful flavors of our Precious Pink Lemonade Sweeties.
    For the next time your child wants to grab a drink, surprise them with this brilliant pink juice drink. Matched with the delicious flavors of lemonade, you will be glad to serve up Precious Pink Lemonade by Southern Sweetwater at your child’s next tea party or birthday event.

  • Fruit Punch Fandango

    Be a fruit-tastic person with the help of some Fruit Punch Fandango Sweeties.
    Made using fabulous fruit flavors for the perfect blend of juice, you’ll be doing the tango with the help of our Fruit Punch Fandango, no dancing shoes required!

  • Peek-A-Blue Raspberry

    Grab a bottle of Peek-A-Blue Raspberry Sweeties by Southern Sweetwater for your next game of peek-a-boo with your own little sweetie. Sipping on this brilliant blue juice drink, your child will fall head over heels for the real raspberry flavor that makes up our Peek-A-Blue Raspberry Sweeties

  • Merry Cherry

    Imagine being able to sweeten up your child’s days with the fun and merry flavor of Merry Cherry Sweeties.
    Packed full of sweet cherry juice flavor, you’ll be gushing from the goodness of our fun and festive Merry Cherry!

  • Giggly Grape

    Get your giggle on with the gushing flavors of Giggly Grape Sweeties. Featuring one of the most popular flavors of all times, this grape infused juice drink is spot-on perfection for play dates, rainy days and midday snack time. Give your sweetie a bottle of Southern Sweetwater Sweeties, and then grab a couple for yourself. Then you, too, will be able to appreciate the light and fresh grape flavor of this delicious beverage.

  • Kooky Kiwi Grape

    Mixing the flavors of vitamin-packed kiwi fruit and our classic grape has created an eclectic flavor combination that is out-of-this-world scrumptious that we call Kooky Kiwi Grape Sweeties.
    Taste it for yourself to experience the kooky sensation of kiwi and grape as they make your tastes buds go crazy!

  • Bubble Gum Blast

    Have a Bubble Gum Blast Sweeties to get that sugary sweet taste of bubble gum. Punky and flavorful, this delightfully fun juice drink gives kids that treat they long for during a hot summer day. You’ll be wishing you could blow bubbles with our Bubble Gum Blast!